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Major League

Team Building

2018 Major League Champions!

Major League boys & girls range in age from 9 to 12 years old.

Returning Major League players will be automatically placed on their team from the previous season. All prospective new Major Leaguers (typically ages 10-12) must attend the evaluations held every year in March. At these evaluations, players’ skills will be measured by non-Little League coaches. The Major League draft list is assembled from this evaluation.

All 6 innings of Major League games are pitched by the players. There is no leading, but stealing and advancing on passed balls is permitted. Each team consists of 11 players, and uses a Continuous Batting Order. Every player must play a minimum of 2 innings in the field and get to bat at least once/game.

Parents are encouraged to inform BRLL as to their child’s willingness to play in either Minors or Majors. However, only those players deemed eligible by BRLL will be accepted into the Major Leagues.

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